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Looking for beauty inspiration, whether it be related to products, celebrities, or other pop culture events? Then you've come to the right spot. Here at the Beauty Lists group, I'll provide the topic, and all you have to do is join in on my fun challenges by listing out your favorites. Or better yet, come by whenever you feel like it, and make up a few beauty lists of your own!

What's the Worst Hair Advice You've Ever Received?

Posted By Beauty on Mar 29, 2010 at 6:00AM

Earlier, I asked you about the worst makeup advice and the worst skincare advice you've ever received. Now I'm asking you about your hair. My worst hair advice came from a former stylist, who promised mauve highlights around my fringe. Sounded cool, but all I got was a faded, dull chunk of pink front and center. It did not do wonders for my complexion.

So whether it was some counsel on extensions that eventually went wrong, ill-advised layering that made your hair go limp, or some "wonder" concoction you rubbed into your tresses, tell us all about it in the comments below. Or better yet, post your thoughts in the new BellaSugar Q and A group in the BellaSugar Community.

Beauty List Challenge: Most Iconic Movie Hairstyles

Posted By Beauty on Mar 9, 2010 at 7:00AM

We at Team Bella love to create lists, from our top five cleansers for acne-prone skin to 15 gorgeous ways to wear a bob. Are you similarly list-y? Then join our new Beauty Lists group on the BellaSugar Community, where you can add your own submissions and have the chance to be featured right here on Bella. For this week's challenge, channel your inner Princess Leia or Bo Derek and tell us your favorite movie hairstyles. Check out my post on the 10 most iconic movie hairstyles for inspiration, and get tips on how to start when you read more.

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What's the Worst Skincare Advice You've Ever Received?

Posted By Beauty on Feb 18, 2010 at 7:00AM

Earlier this month, I asked you about the worst makeup advice anyone ever gave you, and the comments were pretty amazing. This got me to thinking about other faux pas committed as a result of other people's well-intended suggestions. This time around, let's talk skin care.

Back in high school, my friend told me that isopropyl alcohol would cure my acne, but all I got was dry, cracked skin with splotchy red patches all over my mug. What about you? From cringeworthy shaving advice to a DIY concoction gone wrong, tell us your skincare advice stories now.

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What's the Worst Makeup Advice Anyone's Ever Given You?

Posted By Beauty on Feb 5, 2010 at 1:00PM

Whether you read about a new trend in a magazine or listened intently as a makeup artist doled out tips at the department store counter, I'm sure at some point or another you've received some pretty terrible makeup advice. Someone once told me that you should actually use an undereye concealer in a shade darker than your skin tone, the theory being that since the skin is usually darker in that area, deeper-toned coverage is more appropriate. Epic fail. While that piece of advice might work for some, I looked like the living dead. I'm sure all of us can say we've made a few errors in judgment when it comes to makeup thanks to someone else's "amazing" recommendation. What's your story?

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